Who We Are


Capturing a reflection of slow and conscious fashion, Ode by Oindrila&Arka was born in 2020. A homegrown brand from West Bengal, it encapsulates cultural storytelling through fabrics and fits that are crafted ethically and locally.

Ode by Oindrila&Arka houses garments that are comfy yet uber chic. The brand aspires to be the go-to choice, no matter what the occasion or time of day. The design philosophy blends subtle colours, easy fabrics and free spirited ideologies.

Designer Duo

The label 'Ode by Oindrila and Arka' is co-founded by the designer duo, Oindrila and Arka. They draw inspiration from Indian craftsman- ship and artistry. Being a NIFT graduate, they started their career in two varied fields. Oindrila being fashion designer and Arka into communication design, they opted to merge communication and fashion in a single thread.

For Oindrila and Arka, the founders of the brand, a garment goes much further beyond the purpose of fashion. Woven with love, each piece holds enormous emotion that’s made tangible with the skilled set of hands that have created it. With each ensemble comes a hidden story of supreme Indian craftsmanship and artistry – A tale of traditional technique – A culture that deserves to be carefully preserved.

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Made And Designed In India


Ethically Sourced


Handmade With Love